Break Time At School


                                                      At School

Balls are flying across the playground, 
rolling down the roofs,
                and occasionally landing on the unfortunate person's head.

The line for the canteen is a slithering snake, streaming down the asphalt, 
The court opposite is choked with happy buyers, clutching tasty goods,
 while jealous passer-bys look on.

Girls giggle as they stroll across the field,
 boys swagger in groups of 10 or more, 
hoping to catch the eye of anyone foolish enough to spare a glance towards them. 

Football games are being held on the grass,
 often interrupted by the oblivious people who wander through the field,
volleyball players swat at the ball from either side of the big net, 
and cricket players gather in groups of eleven.

Secret keepers whisper, 
Captains order,
And weirdos roll around the field like bananas.
So in short, 

By Olivia M.


  1. Thankyou!!! Did you see the special part at the end? ;D

  2. Hello, My name is Jiya and I live in California I really love your blog and your poem! It's very nice unique and interesting! Visit me at

  3. oooh nice! I love this poem

  4. Hello, Liv! Wow! I am an official #stubc commenter and teacher in Latvia and I was amazed to come across your post! Wew hew! I love this. Was this an assignment or are you just an artist/writer? I take it you write poetry!? Who is your favourite poet? I haven't written poetry for a long time, but your post has definitely inspired me. Thanks. In addition, I was born and raised in America, so your post reminds me of my schooling experience, which differs from the experience here. Would you believe that most students are NOT allowed to go outside the building during the day? This is because there isn't a clear school boundary and there isn't the personnel to watch over the students. Thanks for having such an awesome post!

    1. Sorry, my name is DairaRuta.

    2. Hello!
      I was given an assignment to write something about school.
      Thank-you for commenting!


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